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About us
About us

Tanagold was established in 1995. Our main activities include multimodal container, break-bulk and railway transportation throughout the world including Russia and CIS.


We specialize in door-to-door deliveries by railway, road and sea in 20f and 40f DV/HC  and 45f containers. Our main cargoflow consists of by-products from trees such as paper, plywood and sawn timber. This makes up 70% of all our cargoflow.


We use specialized informational systems that allows us to offer our customers an effective and efficient service of providing full information regarding the location and movement of cargo at any time.


Our history:

1995 - Establishment of the company

1997 - Opening of the representative office in Minsk

1999 - Movement of the company to St.Petersburg, Russia

2004 - Tanagold reached container flow of 10.000 TEUs a year

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